Mitchpine Products, 10km north of Levin, have been supplying the ever-growing market with treated sawn roundwood posts and poles, for 39 years. They are a well established and respected company.

Mitchpine are specialists in providing cuts of timber for all outdoor requirements from fencing to decks and sturdy retainer walls. Mitchpine's new eye-catching fencing system, DOMELOC, will raise the profile of any property while providing a functional and durable fence that will last for many decades.

Other fencing supplies at Mitchpine Products include conventional farm and deer fencing posts, horticultural posts and poles for vineyards, domestic picket fences, horizontal rails and profiled palings.

All products carry the Woodmark brand assuring every post and pole has been preservative treated to the standards of the New Zealand Timber Preservation Council. Besides the excellent timber products, Mitchpine also stock wood chip, sawdust,  compost and garden mix.